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Donate Equipment

Donate new or your gently-used but still workable sports equipment to kids who cannot afford it and give that equipment a 2nd CHANCE !!!

“Gently-used” items are not damaged or in need of repair. The best way to think about something being “gently-used” is if you would feel comfortable giving it to a friend or family member. If in doubt, go ahead and send it in.   We collect donations of:

Baseball Equipment

baseballs, baseball gloves, baseball bats, helmets, catcher’s gear, protective gear, etc.

Football Equipment

 footballs, helmets, shoulder pads, football pants and pads

Lacrosse Equipment

sticks, helmets, and protective gear

Soccer Equipment

Soccer cleats,Shin Guards,Water bottles,Uniforms,Socks and Shorts,Practice T-shirts and shorts,Soccer ball, Goal nets, Gloves

Basketball Equipment

Balls, Goggles, Gloves, Nets, Ball Racks


Other Sports Equipment

We can place anything for any sport

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Help Our Kids by Donating Equipment