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There will be a day– in our lifetime–when we get to celebrate this moment. When we will be able to say that every single child on the planet has access to good s’ports equipment. Every single child has options of where to go and what to do.Every single child has a foundation for strong health.Every single child has opportunities that come with time and strength and education.

This is how we help kids play.

A monthly donation of $100 goes a long way

We believe in our youth!
Your gift can help shape a child’s life.

Why help?

Establishing a donor advised fund is a convenient and simple way for you to support youth in our community.

We want to do more and you can help. By committing a small donation to help children in need, you can help shape a child and contribute to humanity. All proceeds are used locally to procure equipment and put in our kids’ hands.

Make a Donation

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We Can Change Our Community

See how you can partner with Youth S’portstock to meet our youth and help make their sports dreams come true. Be the change that you want to see in this world!

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Tell your friends & family. You never know who could use the help.


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Corporate Sponsors, like Walmart, are proud to support our variety of community events.

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Youth S’portstock is designed to support on-going giving which requires participation in community events.

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Doing good work is rewarding and we are always looking to add different talents to our mix.

Every kid deserves access to s’porting goods, regardless of affordability.