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Giving Back and Shaping the Future

Youth S’portstock Inc. gives all kids the lifelong benefits of S’port and physical activity by providing S’porting equipment, apparel, and footwear to youth organizations and families FREE of charge. When we see the smiles on these kids faces when they get s’porting goods in their hands (especially NEW), it inspires us to keep going. And God gives us the strength to persevere. Remember being that kid at home who used things from balled up socks with duck tape to substitute having an actual football? To using the “No Parking” sign on the street as the basket that counted as 1 point when ever one would hit the sign with whatever ball we had access to at the time? Our only access to somewhat appropriate s’porting goods were at youth organizations or school. And even then, there either weren’t enough for all of the kids to enjoy, or the s’porting goods were so worn/outdated they were rendered useless. How can we stop now?!

Positive Impact

We serve all people. No matter their religion, ethnicity, or gender.

Heartful Help

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the joy of child receiving s’port.

Spread to Everyone

We believe all children should have access to s’porting goods, regardless of affordability.


It is widely recognized that sports have a positive impact on the life of a child including social, academic, health and emotional benefits. However, there is a significant and growing gap between the “haves” and “have nots” when it comes to who is playing youth sports.

Nearly Half

Of the population making under $30k annually do not participate in physical activity of any kind and those numbers are on the rise every year.

$671 per Year

The average a family spends $671 on youth s’ports in a single year. And more than 20% of parents spend more than $1000 on s’ports every year, per child.


of youth do not get the recommended amount of physical activity each day.

Please Raise Your Hand

To help our children get physical activity & s’porting goods

Our Board

Let’s just say it all started during a Mission Trip to help rebuild a village called Villa Esperanza in Puerto Rico, of which had 130 homes standing before Hurricane Maria and 7 of the 130 homes barely survived the aftermath. During this trip I promised 2 teenagers in this hard hit village, I’d get a couple basket balls shipped to them. I stopped to play basketball with them, on a dirt driveway which had a portable rim that would break every 5 shots or so.

Sam Dancil

Founder/ President/Treasurer
e: youthsportstock@yahoo.com
p: 315-715-1308

Rev. Mike Czyz was born in Syracuse and has lived in the Phoenix, NY area his whole life. He has taught a Foundations of Faith class for over 30 years. Pastor Mike received his credentialing through the Assemblies of God and is serving as a Care Pastor.

It is his desire to assist people, connect relationally and spiritually, and he strives to help people in need.

Rev. Mike Czyz

Senior Vice President of Advisory

Jeremiah was born and raised in Western New York. He has been working with youth both vocationally and voluntarily since 2000.

He continues to have a strong passion to help students to live the best possible version of their lives.

Rev. Jeremiah Poulsen

Vice President of Advisory/Secretary

Originally from the Ilion, NY, Jeff studied History and Political Science at the College of Saint Rose. He spent time volunteering at Refugee and Immigrant Support Services of Emmaus. It was while playing soccer with the youth during recreation time that Jeff saw the impact sports can be towards building stronger relationships.

Currently serving as Assistant Executive Director for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Syracuse, Jeff continues to learn more about the issues plaguing local youth and utilize his skills and resources to create valuable learning experiences and opportunities for them. He strives to be a positive and trusted leader in the Syracuse community.

Jeffrey Eysaman

Director of Community Outreach

Amanda has sat on many boards of great organizations and wants to make a change in our community. She truly embodies what a selfless person is. Her time and dedication to this cause and her many other causes inspires greatness.

Amanda also serves as Exhaulted Ruler of the Cortland Elks Lodge and has two children, Ian and Natalie, who inspire her to work with our youth.


Amanda Funk

Director of Operations

Sam Vecchio, a local business branding legend.

Sam has been marketing businesses in Central New York since 1997. His passion for music and specifically radio has found him in many roles in the business throughout his twenty-five years.
Sam is wildly creative and has helped hundreds of businesses build their brand and grow their revenue. Sam is honored to have been selected as Chief Communications Officer on the board of Youth S’portStock Inc. He resides in Liverpool with his two daughters.



Sam Vecchio

Chief Communications Officer

Dash Henderson - local executive and youth advocate.

Dash Henderson has been passionate about S’port from a young age. He credits the availability of S’porting goods and frequency of Play in keeping him and his friends active after school and out of trouble.  Now, he uses what he learned on the field of play to help lead others to achieve their goals.


Dash Henderson

Cheif Development Officer